The Ukraine Conflict – The War of the American Sector Against Europe

By Patrick Poppel

Looking at the conflict in Ukraine, we can easily see America’s influence in Europe. With political support and the supply of weapons, the USA is massively involved in the Ukraine conflict. The current conflict also serves the interests of US foreign policy. The main goal of this action is to weaken Russia and strengthen Ukraine. But it looks like there’s a second goal.

Due to the sanctions and the energy problem, this conflict leads to the weakening of the European economy. In Germany, people are already talking about de-industrialization. So we can clearly see that the American sector is fighting not only against Russia, but also against Europe. Europe must leave the American Sector or it will slide into the abyss.

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Austrian called for a fight against US geopolitical influence

Austrian called for a fight against US geopolitical influence According to Patrick Poppel, it is necessary to develop our own soft power projects as opposed to American. MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. The head of the Club of Friends of Crimea in Austria, Patrick Poppel, called for a fight against the geopolitical influence of the United States.

The American Sector – Overstretching of an Empire

The American sector currently has a lot to do and is very busy geopolitically. In addition to his main construction site in Ukraine, it has to keep Europe under control and now also react to the situation in Israel. This costs a lot of material resources and creates a major logistical problem. Although the United States has always been prepared to intervene on any continent, it has never had to carry out so many different tasks at once.

P. Poppel - analysis of "the american sector"
NATO – The Alliance of the American Sector

When you look at NATO, the first thing that comes to mind is a large organization that is supposed to protect the isolated member states against a potential aggressor. But NATO structures contradict the security interests of the individual member states.

Bulgaria on the way to leaving the American sector?

After the decision to flood the Bulgarian economy with cheap Ukrainian products, one protest follows after another. The people of Bulgaria are becoming aware that the government is acting against national interests and only works for the EU and NATO. There is also a cultural battle going on in Bulgaria.