What Is The American Sector?

The American Sector is a term that describes the combined forces and influences originating from structures belonging to the US government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which influence the political landscape, economic development and social fabric.

Facts about the American Sector



Historcially the American Sector was a part of Berlin accupied  by American troops after the end of World War 2. Later this sector became part of West Berlin.


The American Sector Is Aggressivly Imposing Its Lifestyle On the Whole World

  • Promotions of Gender anomalies
  • Dissemination of unnatural foods
  • Glorification of unnatural foods
  • Facilitation of digital control
  • Distortion of family realtions
  • Abuse of climate agenda

Negative Consequences​

  • Loss of national identity of peoples
  • Separation from historical roots and traditions
  • Suppression of national business
  • Premitivization of social life
  • Rivalry between peoples and countries